Search Retargeting

Target people not segments.

We reach your audience with display advertising based on keyword searches – a key indicator of what people are looking for or interested in buying. Billions of searches happen every month, and the data captured from a consumer’s search activity represents a strong source of targetable intent. 6ixDigital utilizes retargeting technology collects keywords and purchase intent signals from in-market shoppers across hundreds of thousands of sites, including shopping comparison, vertical, e-commerce, and product review sites. Our platform then predicts consumer interests, and through real-time programmatic buying, it puts the right message in front of the right audience.

Site Retargeting

Never lose a lead.

Site retargeting gives marketers the ability to reach consumers that have already visited their website or landing pages. By leveraging first-party data that’s collected through on-site behaviors, marketers can re-engage previous visitors with meaningful messages. Site retargeting is a strong customer retention solution, and when combined with search retargeting, it enables marketers to reach people at multiple buying stages – from prospecting to retention.

Cross-Device Retargeting

Be everywhere.

The ability to extend intent-driven advertising (i.e. site and search retargeting) across smartphones and tablets increases a marketer’s ability to get in front of customers, and influence purchasing decisions. 6ixDigital utilizes multiple data points related to proximity and browsing patterns to map audiences to their individual devices, delivering relevant messages wherever and whenever people engage.

Facebook/Twitter Retargeting

Join the conversation.

With more than a billion active monthly users, Facebook and Twitter are prime environments for getting in front of potential customers, influencing their purchasing decisions, and driving them to convert. With 6ixDigital marketers can apply intent-driven data to Facebook and Twitter advertising, which extends across desktop and mobile devices, and offers unique ad formats such as right rail and News Feed ads