Your marketing automation system is the core of your content marketing, demand generation and lead nurturing eco-system. 6ixDigital Integrates marketing automation systems so you can manage and optimize nearly every step from initial lead capture to handing off qualified leads to your sales team. We help you improve every aspect of digital marketing through testing, segmentation, lead scoring and analysis. Leading marketing automation systems are user friendly, but they are deep with functionality, much of which is often ignored by casual users. Power users, backed by consistent, compelling content, can produce outstanding results.

Marketing automation is far more than sending an email to a list of prospective buyers and tracking form submissions. It starts with aligning your sales and marketing teams so that they are on the same page with respect to:

  • Target markets, buyer personas and messaging
  • Understanding the sales process and sales cycle
  • Understanding the sales funnel concept and buy-cycle stages
  • Understanding the demand generation and lead nurturing process
  • Agreeing to criteria for buy-cycle stages, including lead scoring thresholds and sales-ready events and triggers
  • Understanding and agreeing to the handoff between marketing and sales with respect to criteria and CRM integration
  • Feedback (or closed loop marketing) to the marketing automation system (and team) based on sales engagements and status updates



  • Increase the number and percentage of qualified leads passed to sales
  • Increase conversion rates for demand generation and lead nurturing
  • Reduce the number of leads lost and missed sales opportunities
  • Automatically move leads through the sales funnel based on the content they consume and interactions with your emails and website
  • Reduce the sales cycle and churn, while increasing lifetime value
  • Improve the overall effectiveness of both sales and marketing teams
  • Enable Revenue Performance Management to track revenue-based KPIs and ROI



It can be a challenge for businesses to take full advantage of their marketing automation software investment. Most systems are both deep and complex, requiring a staff of highly trained professionals to manage leads and operate the software. We help your business develop an effective process and content for lead nurturing also requires talented content marketers and inbound marketers to create and manage campaigns.

We are known for our expertise and leadership in utilizing industry-leading, cloud-based marketing automation software to deliver results. Our team works with you to operate your marketing automation system to move leads down the sales funnel and pre-qualify them for your sales team. We do this by following a well defined marketing automation process:

  • Content creation, design and optimization for lead nurturing campaigns
  • Integration of demand generation campaigns with lead nurturing campaigns
  • Creation of lead nurturing emails, landing pages and confirmation pages
  • Creation of personalized content, calls-to-action and smart forms
  • Placement of calls-to-action on web pages, blogs and social media
  • A/B testing of all lead nurturing and content personalization components
  • Setting criteria for lead scoring based on page and email interactions, form conversions and information provided via forms
  • Setting criteria for buy cycle (or lead lifecycle) status based on lead score and/or page interactions and form conversions
  • Creation of workflows that automatically adjust lead score and buy cycle status based on established criteria
  • Creation of workflows that automatically update segmented lists for lead nurturing communication based on buy cycle status and/or lead score
  • Creation of workflows that automatically notify appropriate sales and marketing stakeholders for campaigns, regions, products and personas when selected lead status thresholds are met
  • Management of marketing automation system integration of data with CRM so lead data is synchronized, enabling sales team to quickly follow up on hot leads and maintain updated lists of qualified leads. Also enables closed-loop feedback so unqualified leads are returned to lead nurturing.
  • Comprehensive channel-based and campaign-based KPI measurement and analytics